Garden Furniture, dining table and chairs, garden chairs, Outdoor Furniture, garden sofa sets

Outdoor Cushions, garden dining sets, Garden furniture covers, wardrobe storage, outdoor furniture sales

wooden wardrobe, dining table and chairs set, Woodburner Stove, sofa and chair, woodburner for sale

best outdoor furniture, Office and gaming chairs, Indoor Furniture, Cozy Bay, Garden tea for two sets

Garden Furniture, dining table and chairs, garden chairs, Outdoor Furniture, garden sofa sets, wooden wardrobe, dining table and chairs set, Woodburner Stove, sofa and chair, woodburner for sale
Outdoor Cushions, garden dining sets, Garden furniture covers, wardrobe storage, outdoor furniture sales, best outdoor furniture, Office and gaming chairs, Indoor Furniture, Cozy Bay, Garden tea for two sets

Garden Furniture, dining table and chairs, garden chairs, Outdoor Furniture, garden sofa sets, Outdoor Cushions, garden dining sets, Garden furniture covers, wardrobe storage, outdoor furniture sales, wooden wardrobe, dining table and chairs set, Woodburner Stove, sofa and chair, woodburner for sale, best outdoor furniture, Office and gaming chairs, Indoor Furniture, Cozy Bay, Garden tea for two sets

Who we Are

The brand Oseasons was established in 2014 as an affordable retail arm of the company, eBay and Amazon were the first retail platforms to distribute the Oseasons name. After some re-branding exercises, we are now proud to have our live Oseasons retail website that you see before you today. We pride ourselves on our low prices, great customer service team and safe and speedy delivery services. With your help and feedback, we will continue to grow and continue to offer you wonderful, affordable products.

Our Oseasons store also has the sister brands selling side-by-side the Oseasons items, brands such as:
Cozy Bay Furniture: One of our more recognised brand names. Premium furniture with robust and luxury materials.
RoyalFire: Outdoor Fire Pits, Patio Heaters and Indoor Wood Burning Stoves. All things fire and heating.
Syn-Teak: Synthetic teak outdoor furniture sets, no maintenance and no hassle. Great all year round unattended.
GardenArt: Modern, minimal and classy aluminium framed garden and patio furniture in various colours and styles.

Ocean One Trading Ltd is a dynamic and fast growing company with a handful of brands under it’s belt. Ocean One’s history dates back to 1986, when it started as an Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) specialising in aluminium and rattan furniture in China, supplying to over 30 countries mainly UK, EU and USA. Ocean One Trading Ltd was established in 2008 in the UK (Trading as Cozy Bay Ltd), as a distributor and manufacturer of home and garden leisure brands. It has quickly developed an enviable reputation for supplying innovative and highly functional home and garden leisure solutions.




Handling & Delivery Times

Oseasons has partnered up with DPP and Pallex to ensure the best and fastest delivery possible. On average it takes Oseasons less than 24 business hours to dispatch your order from our warehouse.

DPD (Medium to Large items such as coffee tables, chairs and parasols) 24 Hours with Tracking
Pallets (very large items such furniture sets or fire pits) 48-72 Hours on average. Book-in Service (Working Phone number is required) with Tracking


Our parcel services will be a standard delivery without book-in confirmation to the customer. Our parcel delivery service is 1-2 working days on average, depending on the parcel size and location. Depending on the parcel courier, some parcels may or may not require a signature upon receiving the goods, however they can be signed by a neighbour if you are not home.


Our larger products may qualify for a pallet service delivery. Our standard pallet delivery service is a 2+ working day curb side delivery. Due to the pallet courier drivers contract, the driver may not be able to help to unwrap the product or take it off the pallet. The pallet will be left with the customer to dispose of. All of our pallet deliveries will require a valid customer phone number before delivery can be arranged. Our Pallet service provider will always ring the customer to agree a date before delivery. Express or dedicated day deliveries (which will have to be communicated to us on or prior to the order) will not be valid for a book-in delivery (customer will not be phoned before delivery). Next day pallet deliveries will be more expensive and will require additional payment.

Tracking Numbers

All of our couriers generate working tracking numbers. We can supply the tracking number upon request once we have dispatched your order. By default we do not send out tracking numbers automatically. To receive a tracking number, please email HelpDesk@Oseasons.com or call us on 01926 632248 with your order number ready.

Additional Charges

All of our items include Free Shipping, however, this is representative for UK mainland only (Scotland, Ireland and the Channel Islands will incur additional charges) payment of which will be required prior to shipment. Simply send us an email to HelpDesk@Oseasons.com or call us on 01926 632248 and we will give you a quote in reference to your post code. Our Free Shipping is representative of a typical Monday to Friday delivery schedule. Saturday, Sunday, Bank Holidays and Public Holidays are not covered by the Free Delivery charge. You will need to pay additional charges to receive the item outside of the typical working week. Simply send us an email to HelpDesk@Oseasons.com or call us on 01926 632248 and we will give you a quote.

Returns & Damages

Oseasons are happy to accept all returns up to 28 days from the day that you received your purchased goods, whatever the reason. In circumstances such as a change of heart etc, unfortunately you will have to pay for the return of the goods back to our warehouse. For all other cases such as: Misleading image or description, damaged goods etc then Oseasons will pay for the return costs.

For damaged items - Either received damaged or damaged during use, as long as it is within the warranty period and follows the guidelines of the warranty’s cover, we will happily replace the item free of charge, offer a partial refund or offer you a collection and full refund. In order for this action to take effect, we will require photos of the damage and a brief description of why/how the item is damaged sent to us via email at helpdesk@oseasons.com.

Please Note: for a collection/return, please place the item(s) back into the original packaging, and for large bulky items, please place the boxes back on the wooden pallet (please advise if you do not have the original boxes or the wooden pallet). A pallet we can supply if you did not receive one, however we will need the original boxes, to A, Resell the item if its in a resalable condition, and B, to contain the items safely on the pallet during transit back to us. We will then require a date from you that someone will be home to collect the goods.

Design & Manufacture

Product design and development is a very important part of our operation, product innovation and continuous design improvement is at the heart of our team’s goals. We are always offering our customers something new with brand new styles, colours and ranges being created every year. We listen to our customers and aim to create what is best for them and their needs whilst also balancing anticipated popular colour schemes and styles. If you have any feedback on an item, we would love to hear your thoughts on our social media channels

Ocean One has access to award winning designer teams and over 300 experience craftsmen working in over 200,000 square feet workshops, we are capable of producing more than 45,000pcs furniture per month, allowing us to supply superior quality products with unique designs at very competitive price and service. It is on this unique basis that Oseasons and Ocean One takes on the challenge of surprising the market with new developments every year.

Almost one hundred quality controllers closely monitor every stage of the production process to guarantee that the end products are perfect. After the final check, the furniture is packed and transported to customers all over


All of our products come with a free warranty, ranging from 12 months to 3 years depending on the product. There is no need to fill out any forms or anything like that, we will have your order on record and will check your warranty eligibility through those means and match you up to the products warranty length and warranty guidelines and act accordingly.

All claims against the warranty will need to be emailed to HelpDesk@Oseasons.com complete with photographs of the damages etc with a brief explanation of what has happened to your item, we will then be in touch with you via email or telephone and walk you through the next step of either replacing your item or fully refunding you.

Customer Care

Oseasons have a full-time real-person customer care team located at our office in Dorset, UK. If you have any questions about an item or any issues at all, we are here to help! Feel free to send us an email at HelpDesk@Oseasons.com.


What gas does the Fire pit take?

We recommend to use Propane or Butane 5kg bottles, that way they can be stored inside the fire pit too.

Is your rattan real wicker?

Our rattan furniture is created by weaving Polyethylene strands, giving the furniture weather protection properties that real wicker can’t do.

I live locally, if i collect can i reduce the cost?

If you want to collect the item in person I’m sure we can knock down the cost for you.

My furniture set delivery still hasn’t come, where is it?

If you do not supply a valid phone number upon your purchase, your item will be delayed until a valid number is given. We must have a valid number for pallet deliveries due to the book-in service we offer. Please make sure your number is correct and updated upon each purchase with us if it changes.

Can I leave my cushions outside all year long?

Our cushions are water resistant but not water-proof, so it is strongly recommended to purchase a furniture cover or to take the cushions inside away from the weather ailments.

Can I leave my furniture outside all year long unprotected?

Our furniture (not cushions) can be left outside all year round, we supply weatherproof furniture with UV resistant design. However, it is always beneficial to have a furniture cover too for extra protection.

Is your Oak 100% solid?

Yes, we do not sell veneered Oak, it is all 100% solid oak.

Why Oseasons?

Over many years we have proved that rattan furniture is durable, does not absorb moisture, dirt or pathogens, and is very low maintenance. Unlike wood it is lightweight and easy to store, but can be left outside all year round, with or without covers. It is temperature and UV stable and does not split or crack. Over the life of the product, it compares favourably on value with all other furniture styles. The OseasonFurniture brand is now available in the UK to resale customers and we aim to supply good quality products at a reasonable price, by container or ex warehouse and we also provide drop-shipping services.

Can my furniture be kept outside all year round?

Yes, Oseasons Furniture can be kept outside all 12 months of the year - wherever in the world you happen to live. Of course, furniture left outside all year will get more dirty than furniture that is just used in the summer, but the long-term performance and durability of the furniture is exactly the same.

Where can I buy Oseasons furniture?

Oseasons does not sell direct to the general public, but our products are available to view and purchase in hundreds of high quality specialist and household furniture stores in the UK. To find out details of your local stockist, please see the Where to Buy Page on this site.

What is man-made wicker?

All our woven furniture is made from only the highest quality man-made fibre. Soft to the touch, this remarkable material has many benefits including high suppleness, tear resistance, UV resistance and weather resistance. The polyethylene based, extruded and through-dyed wicker is also completely weatherproof, insensitive to differences in temperature and extremely hard wearing.

How is a woven product (chair) constructed?

The basic structure of a woven chair is made from a fully welded, powder-coated aluminium frame. Various sections of aluminium extrusion are utilised (round, square, rectangular etc.) to provide maximum strength combined with light weight. The frame is like a skeleton and is strong in itself but gains extra strength when it is covered in its woven skin.

What finish does the frame have?

Once welded, the entire frame is electro-statically powder coated in a tough, smooth finish that matches the colour of the wicker. This way, the frame is fully protected against corrosion and becomes virtually invisible once it has been woven over. It is possible to see though the small gaps in weaving and that is why we colour the frame the same tone as the fibre, so that it is not noticeable through the tiny gaps in the weaving.

How long does a chair take to weave?

A Sicilia dining chair will typically take one person 2½ days to weave. A Cumberland or Phuket chair will take less time and a Chicago sofa can take up to 3-4 days.

How skilled are the people who weave the furniture?

It takes both patience and experience to weave a piece of woven furniture. Our weavers are highly skilled artisans, often 2nd and 3rd generation weavers. Often, there are husband and wife teams who will work simultaneously on the same chair. They use their traditional experience with natural materials and apply their experience to using the modern man-made wickers.

What temperature range can woven furniture withstand?

Woven furniture can be left outside all year round and is able to withstand temperatures from -20°C to +55°C. When very cold, the weave will become stiffer than normal and when very hot, the weave will become more elastic. However, it will always revert to its normal elasticity, once the ambient temperature stabilises.

What will typically happen to the woven furniture over time?

Depending on the amount of use, a woven chair will generally perform very well over time (similar wear pattern to indoor, upholstered furniture). The seat section may begin to sag and the weave in certain areas may begin to open slightly, showing more of the frame underneath. The weave can easily be re-arranged by working across it with ones fingers pushing it back in to shape. Additionally, the edges of the weave may start to show small abrasion marks in places depending on usage. Scratch marks or abrasion to the edges of the fibre can be repaired by very briefly and carefully applying heat (i.e. the flame of a cigarette lighter) to the affected area and rubbing along the length of the fibre with a piece of hard cardboard to restore a smooth edge.

How do I clean woven furniture?

We recommend that woven furniture is cleaned using Oseason's Sling & Woven Cleaner, following the instructions detailed on the label. It is important to use a non-foaming cleaner on woven furniture, as a foaming product will leave residues in the gaps in-between the weave which will then attract dirt. A pressure hose on a low setting is acceptable to use on woven furniture, but avoid the teak when using as the high pressure can erode the surface of the timber.

What if some of the weave breaks on my furniture?

Don't panic! Even if several fibres are accidentally cut or broken, a piece of furniture can generally be repaired successfully. A single broken fibre can usually be replaced by someone with no training in under 10 minutes. However, we recommend that any furniture damaged in this way is returned to Oseason furniture to allow our trained experts to re-weave the damaged area.